About us

Bayside Vegies

We are a commercial vegetable production business that provides processed vegetables to our local community. We pride ourselves on delivering quality processed vegetables. Check out our online shop to see our wide range of options. 

What sets us apart from everyone else?

Bayside Vegies was established in 2010 to provide quality service to our community and to support Bayside Transformations. All profits are donated to Bayside Transformations.


a little about who we support


Bayside Transformations is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Hervey Bay. Bayside Transformations has helped many individuals free themselves from drug and alcohol addictions. With the financial support from Bayside Vegies they are able to continue there fantastic work and continue to change people’s lives. If you would like to know more please visit Bayside Transformations website www.baysidetransformation.net